Truth is Better

Fortnite. It’s the game that all the kids and adults are playing.  One of the creative outlet’s that our society loves to play and live in. There are many games that a player can create any life, world, dream they want virtually.  There are movies, tv shows, video games that project a version of their […]

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The Perfect Gift

When it was my birthday, I loved to check the mail.  Each day, as my birthday creeped closer I started getting birthday cards.   The ones I most valued and treasured where the ones that people wrote their heart for me but mainly as a kid I was searching for money.  I would rip open the […]

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Check the Pulse

  “My arm fell off!” I remember waking up as a little kid, scared because I could not feel my arm.  Funny, how my arm pinned in an awkward position as I slept, would lose all feeling, causing panic.  Eventually I would realize what had happened.  Then it was just a period of waiting for […]

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Unique Favor

  Unicorns. Everywhere. Pasted on everything: book bags, coffee mugs, tape dispensers, slippers etc.  So many people, love them for what they stand for which is a unique, one of a kind rarity (which is ironic since it is in mass production). It is a symbol related to what we hunger for: to be recognized […]

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The Truth Will Set You Free

  Truth? Or….Dare? The two most scary words uttered at a party. This game at sleepovers was reserved for later at night where parental interference was less likely.  The object of the game was to really see how bold and brave you could be in front of everyone.  I used to think choosing Truth was […]

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Life in the Overflow

As a small child, bath times were one of my favorite times and still are.  In my brain water equated fun.  Like most kids, filling the bathtub was a balance of having enough water to go under the water and not flooding the room.  It was a challenge not to flood the bathroom floor but […]

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Life of the Party

There was nothing more exciting then to receive a birthday invitation in the mail from your friends.  On the invitation it would announce the theme of the party.  Growing up the best parties to get invited to if the kid(s) had a moon bounce, trampoline, or pool.  You knew it was going to be good […]

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My Favor is Pure

  Beep Beep Beep The alarm is sounding. Somewhere from deep deep sleep I manage to quickly turn off the alarm and automatically somehow my hand find the switch to turn on the light. That first blast of light is so bright it takes a long time for my eyes to adjust from seeing darkness […]

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Grace to Stand Up

Hurricane preparation in the South starts to begin when the trajectory is more concrete on possible landfall impact zones.  Yes bread, water, toilet paper and cans disappear from grocery store shelves at the slightest whisper from the meteorologist’s lips of hurricane. During this preparation, people take precautions to make sure that their home withstands the […]

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Everlasting Love

When I was a child in school, any time we had something related to coloring a picture related to the lesson, I love it.  Instructions were to stay within the lines, it was hard at times but sometimes it didn’t happen.  Thankfully, I never was graded or punished for coloring outside the lines and breaking […]

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By the Blood of the Lamb

Kids on the playground run and jump about and they are good until it happens.  A kid falls and scrapes their knee.  Who do they run to?  Their mom wanting to be comforted and made better. A cut can produce a lot of blood.  Even the toughest moms can shutter at the sight of blood.  […]

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I am Perfect

In kindergarten, hopscotch was the ultimate due or die game (OK maybe not the die portion), winner takes all.  To win, you had to have the perfect ability of balance, jumping, and counting or it ended in misstep. Just like in hopscotch, in our lives we try to do it all perfectly, but majority of […]

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Sleep in Rest

“258, 259, 260, 261…” Counting sheep, yep I’ve tried it all trying to fall asleep.  There are times in my life, when the nights I needed it the most sleep would not come.  The more I tried it seemed the more awake I became. It was frustrating and almost would leave me crying because I […]

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Submission in Rest

“You may take 5 giant elephant steps forward.” “Mother, may I?” “Yes, you may.” Mother May I, was a game that was best played with a large amount of kids, in lots of space, preferably outside.  Everybody was trying to win so that we had the coveted title of “Mother” and could tell all the […]

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The Peace In Rest

“This was the life.” Sitting in a inner tube floating in the small gentle current, listening to a waterfall.  That was my happy place in the summer times growing up; if I wasn’t swimming I was floating in the river by my grandparents’ house. Most of the times, I was either rudely flipped over into […]

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Car trips brought out the best and worst in your family, but it made for the best memories.  One of the best things about car trips were the car games we would play.  One was called “Sugar bowl.”  The object of the game was to see who could remain the quiet the longest but whoever […]

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I am Rest

It was the phrase that every kid said no matter how they are warned not to, they say it. “Are we there yet?”  Now multiple this a 100 times and most parents’ response is: “No and give it a rest.” But kids are persistent and impatient and excited to see the destiny come quickly and […]

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Love Poured Out

On hot summer days, there was nothing like a cold ice cream to cool off and celebrate the days.  Sitting there with an empty bowl extended, the best words to hear from an adult with the ice cream scooper was, “Tell me when…” Yes, an adult that understood, you could never have enough ice cream. […]

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A Hunger for Love

I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places Lookin’ for love in too many faces Searchin’ their eyes, lookin’ for traces Of what I’m dreamin’ of Hoping to find a friend and a lover I’ll bless the day I discover, Another heart- lookin’ for love. Johnny Lee – “Looking for Love.” For many […]

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The Gift of Love

“I love you,” spoke the one girl to the other.  They were hugging as typical 4-year-old girls do but a week later one is in tears because the other choose to share their fruit snacks with another girl.  It devastated the one girl because she thought love meant something different then what her friend was […]

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Looking at the class photo from elementary school you could tell.  There was that one kid that managed the goofiest smile, the class clown.  Somehow, she/he managed it, to captured even in a class photo the humor they held on the inside. For a lot of us it is hard to capture day to day […]

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Above all else love

“Move people!” You are stuck in traffic trying to get to work on time or the kids to school or just trying to get home.  People fail respond quick enough to a green light. It is easy to take offense. People hurt other people every day and that’s not including those close to us.  Driving […]

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Sweet as Honey

“Do you pinky promise?” It was a serious deal, if you pinky promised as a kid.  It could send a dishonest kid running or you would be sealing your future as keeping your word.  It meant that you were telling the truth and that you were going to uphold what you promised.   Father God […]

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A Diamond in the Rough

“I found one!” My cousins and siblings had been in the waterfall and were looking at the rocks and Fools Gold that was left over from long ago mines in the area.  We were on a mission: looking for sapphires and rubies in rough form.  They looked like rocks to the naked eye but there […]

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The Favor of God

“I am the favorite.” “No,  I’MMMM the favorite!” It’s the argument that as children, we all like to think we were the favorite child; the one they loved the most and the rules and limitations were not applied.  Some children were more favored over others and there are children that were overlooked, starved for affection […]

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Peace Be Still

“No More.” It was the phrase that ended the tickle fights that kids sprung on each other.  Typically, these words were said right before you felt like your insides were going to explode with laughter or worse you were going to explode on the other end. The fight in life sometimes has us wanting to […]

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Let Go and Trust

“Let go of my hand.” I can remember as a child my mom was teaching us to jump into the pool without help.  The pool looked big and the diving board seemed like it was 20 ft off the ground.  We knew to jump into the pool we would have to let go of mom’s […]

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Even when it hurts

“Whoever keeps their rooms clean for a week gets ice cream cone.”  My parents had probably enough of threats and reminders and were trying a different tactic.  Growing up, there was pretty much nothing my siblings and I wouldn’t do if ice cream was involved.  Although it seems like a bribe, my parents were trying […]

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The Rose of Sharon

Growing up I have heard of Jesus referred to as the Rose of Sharon and there is a very old hymn that poetically states that Jesus is the lily of the valley.  As a child this caused me to giggle because this poetic imagery caused its own weird images of flowers with beards on it […]

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The Shift

“Mother May I?” It was a game that a lot of us played as children. The “mother” would stand some distance away while the other children lined up on the other end of the room.  The “mother” would instruct each child to take “5 giant steps forward.”  The sure way to lose was to forget […]

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“SAFE!” That was the word all the kids in my neighborhood wanted to hear while we played baseball in the street and Home plate was the sewer cover.  We didn’t slide because that would be road rash in the extreme but we all relied on each other to make the honor judgement call/announcement of “SAFE” […]

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The Truth Will Set You Free

“Suck it in.” And Jump. And Zip. OK we all have been there.  That dress, pants, jeans that we just wore last year or a few months ago have suddenly “shrunk” in the wash.  OK so maybe it was one too many stops at “It’s Hot Fresh Now” signs on the way to work.  Now […]

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“THEY HAVE A TRAMPOLINE!” I can remember my little sister screaming this as the backyard of our friend’s house came into view.  We all raced to get on.  Like most kids, and adults, my siblings and I loved jumping on a trampoline.  It was the ultimate feeling of weightlessness and flying that kids could experience.  […]

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Be Holy for I AM Holy

“HOLY!!!” My young heart pounded with surprise and fear as I was abruptly awakened by that word shouted by the very distinguished, refined, LOUD voice of the visiting preacher.  I remember looking around at the audience and seeing similar shocked and stunned and uncomfortable expressions on their faces. Holiness is not a popular topic.  Holiness […]

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Peace that Passes All Understanding

  “Faster!” “Faster!” The screams of the two children on the twirling metal playground equipment shouted as the slightly older child spun them in slightly faster increments.  When the dizzying playground equipment came to an abrupt stop, the two children giggled and fought to remain standing. The journey and bumps and dips in the road […]

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The Victory is Yours

Glee filled your little heart as you “accidentally” saw the Christmas present hidden in your parent’s closet.  It was the main item on your wish list that you had been wanting for the last 6 months.  Excitement built as Christmas Day got closer and you knew that the present was already given and yours.  All […]

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Grace Unmeasured

Growing up, the game “Monopoly” did not end quickly; it usually went on for days.  It really depended on who was the banker and who owned which popularly landed on properties.  How long we were in the game depended entirely upon how generous and grace filled the person was: would they let you go by […]

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My Thoughts are Higher

“Hello!  Hello!  Hey I am talking to you!” Have you ever been so deep in thinking about a person, place, event, or a to do list you forget about everyone around you.  You are so centered on that one item that you have left your surroundings and mentally checked out. Yep my hand is raised […]

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“Do you pinky promise?” A pinky promise, was a legit real deal, oath taking, till-death serious promise.  As kids you knew if someone asked you to pinky swear, they wanted; proof that what you were saying was truth and/or a confirmation that you will stand by what was spoken.  If you broke your pinky promise, […]

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Unbind and Set Free

“MARCO!” “Polo,” came the voices on different deep ends of the pool. We played many rounds of Marco Polo in the pool, growing up near water.  The whole intention was the seeker had to close their eyes and rely only on hearing and touch to find the other participants playing in the pool.  Basically, blind […]

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Tears of Joy

All my little sister had to do was start crying. Crying was a symbol when we were kids that we were hurt or had a need. The trigger of my little sister’s crying sent my parents on a “who done it” hunt. Truth be told usually it was my brother and sometimes myself that had […]

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The Lamp

“Turn the lights off.”  Simultaneously, as the light switch flicked off and darkness appeared, one flashlight burned brightly and the whole room filled with children centered their attention on the young girl. “It’s time to tell the scariest of stories.”  The children shuttered in anticipation and some already clung to others already knowing they were […]

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Live Life to the Best

“Here you go,” said my friend as she handed me an envelope.  A sense of excitement enveloped me as I tore through the paper and snatched the card out of its tattered encasing. “You are invited to My Birthday Party.” I have always loved celebrating my friend’s birthdays.  It was something to look forward to […]

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Cover Your Mouth

“Me, pick me!  I CAN do it!” Yep, even as a child, I was eager to volunteer for a job without really understanding what it all entailed.  As an adult, I have done this too.  Speaking before I considered and weighed if I was capable and available to complete the task has lead me to […]

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His Joy is My Strength

“I know something you don’t know,” said a kid in a sing song voice. You naturally ask, “What is it?” You want to know because, you are curious.  The kid obviously can’t keep a secret and wants to tell it. I believe that Daddy wants to tell us many things and unlike the kid He […]

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